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Friday, May 25, 2012


I'm convinced that my picture appears next to the word 'procrastinator' in Webster's Dictionary. I used to think it was my husband's.  I've always referred to him as my "Stubborn Scotsman."  In reality, that was just a polite way of stating what a procrastinator he was! Nothing could be done better in his opinion if it wasn't done until tomorrow.  That always drove me crazy.

Now the tables have turned.  Since my retirement, I've noticed that he's getting things done in a much more timely fashion than I am.  Remarkable.  And what the heck happened?  I'm blaming the whole thing on retirement.  Okay, okay... I'll admit that I've become more laidback and not as stress-driven as I was when I was working full time. But why am I not doing all that writing that I wanted to do?

I started my blogs filled with a passion for writing and for getting my ideas and thoughts 'put down on paper,' as they used to say. I still have those 'thoughts,' but I find it harder and harder to actually get them written down.  Somehow, I've filled my days with things that I've always wanted to do:  I've become more involved in my local genealogical society; I'm reading more books (if that's possible) than ever before; I'm having luncheons and dinners with friends that I haven't been able to fit into my busy schedule before; and I'm working on getting my 'proofs' together for a couple of heritage societies.

The list could go on.  I remember what people asked me last year when I announced my retirement.  "What are you going to do with all that time?"  Are you kidding?  I don't seem to have time to think, much less complete all of the things that I want to do. 

Maybe that's the real reason why I've not been writing as much as least I hope it is. I'm convinced that eventually I will get my life organized into the type of schedule I used to keep at work: a couple of hours on this, a couple of hours on that, etc., etc., etc. By doing that, I can work 'writing' into that idealistically wonderful schedule.  I'm pretty sure that I'm smart enough to do that.  Right?  Don't answer that.

I think I'll just concentrate on making sure that the photo they use next to the word 'procrastinator' is a good one. 

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